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1975-76 Regular Season

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10/24/1975Spirits of St. Louis94 New York Nets10931100002 1000-1
10/25/1975Spirits of St. Louis101@Denver Nuggets11843311007 100-2
10/26/1975Spirits of St. Louis101 San Diego Sails8521100002 001-2
10/29/1975Spirits of St. Louis104@Virginia Squires100OT40000000 1002-2
10/31/1975Spirits of St. Louis120@New York Nets116OT27714110015 92613-2
11/02/1975Spirits of St. Louis106 Virginia Squires9980300000 3004-2
11/07/1975Spirits of St. Louis117 New York Nets11830100000 104-3
11/12/1975Spirits of St. Louis81 Kentucky Colonels9861134005 20204-4
11/16/1975Spirits of St. Louis114 Indiana Pacers136231120250024 7024-5
11/19/1975Spirits of St. Louis106 Denver Nuggets11925513000110 1024-6
11/22/1975Spirits of St. Louis124@San Antonio Spurs122OT39815560021 1055-6
11/23/1975Spirits of St. Louis85 Kentucky Colonels933941100018 152425-7
11/26/1975Spirits of St. Louis98@Indiana Pacers942141100008 8106-7
11/28/1975Spirits of St. Louis113 Indiana Pacers1122141011009 9047-7
11/29/1975Spirits of St. Louis100@Utah Stars136624014 7-8
11/30/1975Spirits of St. Louis115 San Antonio Spurs127314700008 12231007-9
12/02/1975Spirits of St. Louis122@Kentucky Colonels11210100000 00008-9
12/03/1975Spirits of St. Louis112 Virginia Squires114101322004 208-10

1975-76 Regular Season Splits

Day of WeekSunday520250428.4
Opponentvs Denver Nuggets28110178.5
vs Indiana Pacers3193604113.7
vs Kentucky Colonels35340134.3
vs New York Nets38110175.7
vs San Antonio Spurs2125602914.5
vs San Diego Sails1100022.0
vs Utah Stars162401414.0
vs Virginia Squires3122041.3

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