I’m a writer by choice, not by profession or training. My day job is in the wonderful world of software development for one of the country’s larger engineering companies, where I keep projects on track and my managers at bay. But my real passion is American history, especially sports history. A few years ago I decided to try writing a book of my own, and the result was Rising Above The Rim in 2010. Early on, I made the decision to “self-publish” the finished work, and make it freely available online. The project turned out to be remarkably similar to my day job – a lot of detective work, planning, organizing, and when it was finished, a sense of accomplishment along with a nagging question: “what’s next?”

The answer turned out to be assembling a collection of Boston Celtics box scores from the Bill Russell era, also known as the BOXTOP project. In 2014 I began to digitize the ABA box scores published by The Sporting News. By 2015 I had posted all eight available seasons, and thanks to the folks at Basketball-Reference.com, most of that data has been incorporated into their excellent site where it can be utilized and enjoyed by fans everywhere. A second round of research resulted in several corrections and additions, and the proofing process will likely go on for some time. In the summer of 2015 I posted a collection of box scores from Larry Bird’s college career at Indiana State University, and revised it in 2016 to add his sophomore season.

Meanwhile, in 2012 I completed a short history of the Rhode Island Auditorium. Hopefully you’ll find it more interesting than what is available on Wikipedia and elsewhere online. Later that same year, I released a revised second edition of Rising Above The Rim containing new graphics and yearly highlights designed to enhance the narrative.

Some of my earliest memories of watching sports are golf tournaments. I have been a fan of the Ryder Cup for years but knew little about its history. So in 2013, I wrote a brief overview of the first Ryder Cup, which was held in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1927.

Then I returned to a project on the NBA in the 1980’s, and completed my second book, Pride and Passion: The 80s Era in the NBA, in 2014. I also began contributing articles to the SABR Games Project, and most recently, to The Online Review of Rhode Island History (see links below).

My latest work is focused on lesser-known aspects of Boston Celtics and Boston Red Sox history including preseason games and retired number histories.

You can reach me by email: michael {dot} hamel {at} gmail {dot} com or on twitter.


Articles for the SABR Games Project
2014: 1946 Red Sox vs. American League All-Stars
2014: 1981 All-Star Game

Articles for The Online Review of Rhode Island History
2017: Pittsburgh Steelers Make Rhode Island Their Summer Home, 1964 to 1966

Articles (self-published)
2018: Celtics on Ice
2017: Barnstorming through New England: The Boston Celtics in the Preseason, 1946-1991 (first version 2016)
2017: Fifty Years after The Impossible Dream: Notes on the 1967 Boston Red Sox
2016: Six Points That Changed History
2015: 1927 Ryder Cup (first version 2013)
2015: Rafter Heaven: A Short History of the Boston Celtics Banners
2015: Game Notes: 1981 All-Star Game
2012: The Rhode Island Auditorium

Books (self-published)
2014: Pride and Passion
2012: Rising Above The Rim (Second Edition)
2010: Rising Above The Rim

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