I’m a writer by choice, not by profession or training. My day job is in the wonderful world of software development for one of the country’s larger engineering companies, where I keep projects on track and my managers at bay. But my real passion is American history, especially sports history. A few years ago I decided to try writing a book of my own, and the result was Rising Above The Rim in 2010. Early on, I made the decision to “self-publish” the finished work, and make it freely available online. The project turned out to be remarkably similar to my day job – a lot of detective work, planning, organizing, and when it was finished, a sense of accomplishment along with a nagging question: “what’s next?”

The answer turned out to be assembling a collection of Boston Celtics box scores from the Bill Russell era, also known as the BOXTOP project. In 2014 I began to digitize the ABA box scores published by The Sporting News. By 2015 I had posted all eight available seasons, and thanks to the folks at, most of that data has been incorporated into their excellent site where it can be utilized and enjoyed by fans everywhere. A second round of research resulted in several corrections and additions, and the proofing process will likely go on for some time. In the summer of 2015 I posted a collection of box scores from Larry Bird’s college career at Indiana State University, and revised it in 2016 to add his sophomore season.

Meanwhile, in 2012 I completed a short history of the Rhode Island Auditorium. Hopefully you’ll find it more interesting than what is available on Wikipedia and elsewhere online. Later that same year, I released a revised second edition of Rising Above The Rim containing new graphics and yearly highlights designed to enhance the narrative.

Some of my earliest memories of watching sports are golf tournaments. I have been a fan of the Ryder Cup for years but knew little about its history. So in 2013, I wrote a brief overview of the first Ryder Cup, which was held in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1927.

Then I returned to a project on the NBA in the 1980’s, and completed my second book, Pride and Passion: The 80s Era in the NBA, in 2014. I also began contributing articles to the SABR Games Project (see links below).

My latest work is focused on lesser-known aspects of Boston Celtics and Boston Red Sox history including preseason games and retired number histories.

You can reach me by email: michael {dot} hamel {at} gmail {dot} com


Articles for the SABR Games Project
2014: 1946 Red Sox vs. American League All-Stars
2014: 1981 All-Star Game

Articles (self-published)
2017: Barnstorming through New England: The Boston Celtics in the Preseason, 1946-1991 (first version 2016)
2017: Fifty Years after The Impossible Dream: Notes on the 1967 Boston Red Sox
2016: Six Points That Changed History
2015: 1927 Ryder Cup (first version 2013)
2015: Rafter Heaven: A Short History of the Boston Celtics Banners
2015: Game Notes: 1981 All-Star Game
2012: The Rhode Island Auditorium

Books (self-published)
2014: Pride and Passion
2012: Rising Above The Rim (Second Edition)
2010: Rising Above The Rim

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