Michael Hamel has worked in the software and computer technology industry for over 25 years. In his spare time he indulges his other passions, including reading and researching many aspects of American history. Michael is also an avid sports fan (of Boston’s four major professional teams, naturally) and collector, and is particularly interested in the intersection of sports history with local and national history. A native Rhode Islander and graduate of the University of Rhode Island, he has contributed to the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) Games Project, The Online Review of Rhode Island History, the web site, and occasionally posts sports-related articles on his personal web site ( He now lives in Massachusetts.

Articles for the SABR Games Project
2018: June 13, 1947: First Night Game at Fenway Park
2014: 1946 Red Sox vs. American League All-Stars
2014: 1981 All-Star Game

Articles for The Online Review of Rhode Island History
2017: Pittsburgh Steelers Make Rhode Island Their Summer Home, 1964 to 1966

I’m a writer by choice, not by profession or training. My day job is in the wonderful world of software development for one of the country’s larger engineering companies, where I keep projects on track and my managers at bay. But my real passion is American history, especially sports history. Over the past decade I have used this site to showcase my hobby. Most of the content is basketball-related, but you will also find articles on baseball and New England-related sports history.

You can reach me by email: michael {dot} hamel {at} gmail {dot} com or on twitter.


Articles (self-published)
2019-2022: The 80s Era Plus 40 (on-going series)
2022: Barnstorming through New England: The Boston Celtics in the Preseason, 1946-1991, Tenth Edition (first edition 2016)
2022: The 1958 NBA All-Star Tour (first edition 2018)
2022: Rafter Heaven: A Short History of the Boston Celtics Banners (first edition 2015)
2021: Boston Celtics 1957 Postseason Tour (first edition 2018)
2021: The Maurice Stokes Game
2021: Keeping Score: An Informal History of Pro Basketball Encyclopedias
2020: The Ryder Cup Challenge Matches
2020: Celtics on Ice (first edition 2018)
2018: Fifty Years after The Impossible Dream: Notes on the 1967 Boston Red Sox (first edition 2017)
2018: 1927 Ryder Cup (first edition 2013)
2016: Six Points That Changed History
2015: Game Notes: 1981 All-Star Game
2012: The Rhode Island Auditorium

Box Score Collections
2020: 1921, 1923, 1924 Hartford Senators featuring Lou Gehrig
2020: 1938 Minneapolis Millers featuring Ted Williams
2019: Larry Bird at Indiana State University (first edition 2015)
2014: ABA 1967-1976 (donated to in 2015 and 2016)
2011: Boston Celtics 1956-1969

Books (self-published as .pdfs)
2014: Pride and Passion
2012: Rising Above The Rim (Second Edition)
2010: Rising Above The Rim

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