Boston Celtics Preseason 1946-1991

Updated Eleventh Edition May 2024

The eleventh edition of the most complete reference for Boston Celtics preseason history contains box scores for 411 of 426 preseason games played by the Celtics from 1946 through 1991, plus new sections with 23 box scores for games against semi-pro and amateur opponents plus some intrasquad games. It also includes training camp rosters and locations, and opening day/night rosters.

Maps of selected preseason schedules
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1947 The first preseason games
1955 Touring New England with the Royals
1959 Touring New England with the Lakers
1960 Heading west with the new Los Angeles Lakers
1968 Bill Russell’s final preseason
1973 Early 70’s: Fewer games and ABA opponents
1979 Larry Bird’s debut
1990 A visit to Skydome