ABA box scores 1967-1976

Note: Earlier versions of these files were donated to BasketballReference.com and serve as the basis for the ABA box scores and game logs on their excellent site. I am thankful that they were able to use this data and share it with the world.

ABA Box Scores & Splits Added | Sports-Reference.com (March 2015)

Find Every Box Score in ABA History | Sports-Reference.com (February 2016)

In 2017 I stopped working on these, since it was very difficult to obtain reliable sources for FGA and 3FGA (for reasons explained below), and the lack of sources for REB and AST made it tough to do enough cross-checking and proofing to feel comfortable that the extra data was worth sharing more broadly. Enjoy!

Version 3.1 now available (posted May 23, 2017) – new versions are also announced on twitter.

This version adds FGA, REB, AST, PF, and 3FGA for many Virginia Squires games from 1972-73 through 1975-76. This includes data from the Newport News (Virginia) Daily Press.

Box Scores Statistics
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1975-76 Box Scores Statistics

Box scores also available in .csv format as a .zip archive.

ABA game logs 1967-1976

Game logs for every player and coach who appeared in the ABA. The logs are organized in alphabetical order.


George Adams, Bird Averitt …


Swen Nater, Bob Netolicky …


Marvin Barnes, Zelmo Beaty, Roger Brown …


Jimmy O’Brien, Mark Olberding …


Joe Caldwell, Billy Cunningham …


Billy Paultz, Cincy Powell …


Louie Dampier, Mel Daniels …


Bob Quick …


Len Elmore, Julius Erving …


Red Robbins, Dave Robisch …


Ronald Franz, Donnie Freeman …


James Silas, Ralph Simpson …


George Gervin, Artis Gilmore …


Brian Taylor, David Thompson …


Alex Hannum, Spencer Haywood …




Dan Issel …


Jan Van Breda Kolff …


Warren Jabali, Bobby Jones …


John Williamson, Willie Wise …


George Karl, Larry Kenon …




Bo Lamar, Kevin Loughery, Maurice Lucas …


Verl Young …


Moses Malone, George McGinnis …


Gary Zeller …

Protested Games

Additional information about successfully protested ABA games

Notes on past versions

Version 3.0 (11/6/2016) added FGA, REB, AST, PF, and 3FGA for many Indiana Pacers, Kentucky Colonels, San Antonio Spurs, and Spirits of St. Louis games from 1974-75 through 1975-76. A few Utah Stars games have also been enhanced. This includes data from the Indianapolis Star, The (Louisville, Kentucky) Courier-Journal, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the Salt Lake Tribune, and the San Antonio Express-News.

Beginning with this version, some changes have been made to the web pages. Most of the changes are cosmetic, but there is one major difference: the box score pages have been split into index pages and one page per month for each season. I made this change because the old pages were growing so large that they were taking a long time to load. The links above will take you to the index page for each season; then just click on the day or the game to see the box score.

Version 2.7 (9/24/2016) added FGA, REB, AST, PF, and 3FGA for many Indiana Pacers and Kentucky Colonels games from 1972-73 through 1973-74. A few Utah Stars and San Antonio Spurs games have also been enhanced. This includes data from the Indianapolis Star, The (Louisville, Kentucky) Courier-Journal, the Salt Lake Tribune, and the San Antonio Express-News.

Version 2.6 (9/3/2016) added FGA, REB, AST, PF, and even 3FGA for many Indiana Pacers, Kentucky Colonels, and Pittsburgh Condors games from 1970-71 through 1971-72. This includes data from the Indianapolis Star, The (Louisville, Kentucky) Courier-Journal, and the Pittsburgh Press/Post-Gazette. It also includes additional information from the Los Angeles Times for many Los Angeles Stars home games in 1968-69 and 1969-70. (Please see note below about FGA issues in the Times.)

Version 2.5 (7/31/2016) added FGA, REB, AST, PF, and even 3FGA for many Indiana Pacers, Kentucky Colonels, and Pittsburgh Pipers games from 1967-68 through 1969-70. This includes data from the Indianapolis Star, The (Louisville, Kentucky) Courier-Journal, and the Pittsburgh Press/Post-Gazette. Thanks to Sean Burrell for pointing me at the Star and Courier-Journal newspapers as sources for complete, or almost complete, box scores for their local teams.

Version 2.4 (6/18/2016) added data obtained courtesy of the NBAStats.net web site. Merging in data from their ABA game logs has allowed me to fix some inconsistencies in the box scores, and has enabled me to add FGA, REB, AST, and PF statistics for several games. There’s still more work to do to build complete box scores for every game, but this has accelerated that process.

Note on the data included here

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If you use this data, please include the following statement:

The information used here was obtained free of charge from and is copyrighted by the Basketball BOXTOP Project.

This data is presented AS IS, with no guarantee of accuracy. Interested parties may contact “michael {dot} hamel {at} gmail {dot} com” for more information or if they wish to help improve the quality or scope of the data.

BOXTOP format

The BOXTOP format is loosely based on Retrosheet’s “Box Score Event Files” (BSEF) format, which is essentially a comma-separated file (.csv) format. More details are included here.

General Comments

1. The primary source for these box scores is The Sporting News, which included box scores for all ABA games except for the 1967-68 season. These box scores should be considered unofficial, and there are some errors and inconsistencies noted on the pages within this site. The most accurate information in these box scores are the basic statistics (e.g. FGM, FTM, PTS) which are available from multiple sources; the least accurate data are statistics available from fewer sources or even a single source (e.g. 3FGA, REB, Blocks). The New York Times was used heavily, especially for the 1967-68 season, and Google News was valuable for copies of the Miami News, Pittsburgh Press, and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The Newspapers.com site includes back issues of the Indianapolis Star, The (Louisville, Kentucky) Courier-Journal, Los Angeles Times, Newport News (Virginia) Daily Press, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Salt Lake Tribune, and the San Antonio Express-News.

2. Technical Fouls are incomplete, but are included for those box scores where available.

3. Known issues and inconsistencies for individual games are listed on the Statistics pages for each season. For cases where a specific statistic, such as rebounds, is only available for some of the players in a particular game, this is noted as “REB incomplete” to distinguish this from a case where rebounds are unavailable for ALL of the players in the game.

4. Statistics from ABA playoff tiebreakers were not included in official regular season totals or playoffs totals. The BOXTOP policy for these games is to include them in the playoffs section of the player game logs and splits, but to EXCLUDE them from the team and player statistics on the statistics pages.

5. The Los Angeles Times and the Pittsburgh papers frequently omitted 3-point FG’s from their FGM-FGA statistics. In some cases the Times listed only 2 point FG’s in the FGM column, but listed the sum of 2 point and 3 point attempts in the FGA column. I have fixed as many of these problems as possible, but this is a work in progress. I have added notes to the .csv files in cases where I know that the FGA figures did not include 3 pointers. In general, please assume that the FGA figures for Los Angeles Stars home games are questionable except in cases where I was able to include specific figures in the 3FGA column (the 3FGA data came from other sources). The Pittsburgh box scores are in much better shape and can generally be assumed to be correct.


Tod Maher, John Grasso, the staff at Basketball-Reference.com, and others who contributed via the APBR.org site.
NBAStats.net whose game logs filled in several gaps in my research.

Sources, References, Useful Sites

The Sporting News (TSN archive available on Paper of Record, accessed via SABR.org)