Boston Celtics Preseason Games

Today I posted a new edition (#11) of Barnstorming through New England: The Boston Celtics in the Preseason, 1946-1991. Thanks to the continued expansion of online newspaper archives, I was able to add 2 new box scores (10/3/1959 vs. Lakers, 10/5/1972 vs. Hawks/Maravich), to bring the total to 411 out of 426 exhibition games against pro competition from 1946 through 1991.

This edition also includes new sections containing 23 box scores for preseason games that the Celtics played against semi-pro or amateur teams, and intrasquad games that they played against themselves. Most are from the 1950’s.

There are also minor improvements to some box scores that were included in earlier editions, such as:

11/7/1947: score by periods now complete
10/11/1955: added FGA and FTA
10/10/1956: score by periods now complete
10/2/1971: score by periods more complete